Hi, we’re Character.

A new seed fund supporting founders with capital and sprints.

When you’re just starting out, we believe there’s nothing more important than building the right product for the right people. We’ve helped Flatiron Health, Digit, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Slack figure it out fast — and we can help you, too.

Drawing of John Zeratsky
John Zeratsky
Co-Founder & General Partner

Author of Sprint. Former design partner at GV and design leader at YouTube.

Drawing of Eli Blee-Goldman
Eli Blee-Goldman
Co-Founder & General Partner

Early-stage startup investor. Former general partner at Capital Midwest Fund.

Drawing of Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp
Co-Founder & Startup Advisor

Creator of the Design Sprint. Author of Sprint. Former design partner at GV.

Our team of startup advisors is Carrie Melissa Jones (community), Charles Adler (product), David Cirilli (communications), and Molly Nix (design).

We are backed by nearly 100 LPs, who act as an extended team to help us find opportunities and support startups. Our LPs include founders and executives from YouTube, Google, Slack, Square, Uber, Mozilla, Opendoor, Clubhouse, Coinbase, Flatiron Health, and many other tech companies.

Seed Capital

We raised a $30 million dollar fund so we can invest early and amplify our support as you build your company.

Investing up to $1 million at seed stage

Sometimes it's all one check, sometimes it's two, but we always make our first investment in rounds with "seed" in the name.

Startups betting on big shifts in customer behavior

Especially in workplaces, healthcare, wellness, blockchain/web3, fintech, the creator economy, industrial systems, consumer/retail, and no-code.

Located anywhere — or everywhere

Great founders know how to leverage remote work to build amazing teams, and when to gather the team to sprint and connect. We're a remote-native firm investing in companies located anywhere in the USA.

Design Sprints and more

We work hand-in-hand with your team, using the Sprint method we created at GV, to help you find and expand product-market fit.

Answering high-stakes questions

Which customers should you focus on? How should the product look? What should you build next? Early-stage startups need to answer these questions ASAP, and we can help.

Diagram showing a loop of Plan, Build, Launch, Learn, with a shortcut from Plan to Learn
Together with your team

We're not just talking about playbooks and resources — we actually clear our calendars and sprint with your team. Ask any founder we've worked with.

A proven recipe for startups

We've used sprints to help 200+ startups answer questions and validate hypotheses. Thousands more have read our book and embraced the process. It works.



AI-powered industrial control systems from a Google DeepMind team.

Coming soon

Sales intelligence tool that helps teams prioritize qualified leads.

Coming soon

All-in-one customer research platform from Y Combinator.

Coming soon

Audio collaboration tool from an experienced music technology team.

Coming soon

Healthcare startup founded by an experienced team from Flatiron Health.

Coming soon

Mental health coaching and community led by a Stanford doctor.

Angel Investments

Personal investments and advisory roles by our team

Earlier Investments

Notable investments from our previous roles at GV and Capital Midwest Fund

About Character

We exist to help founders like you build the right product for the right people. We invest capital and time to help you figure it out fast.

But it's not just about technology and money. For us, it's personal, because time is our only finite resource. An hour spent at work is an hour we can’t spend with family or friends, or taking care of ourselves or our communities.

We believe the best use of our time is helping you build products and services that create meaningful change for your customers. Let's work together to make it count.

We’d love to learn about what you’re building.